The European Union War on Tax Competitiveness

The European Union War on Tax Competitiveness – Simon Owen, TEP. In what has become an increasingly tedious campaign of anti-offshore rhetoric by the International Consortium of International Journalists (ICIJ), The Guardian’s latest article targeting so-called tax havens is yet another great example of imbalanced and misleading journalism. With another sensationalist headline worthy of the […]

The FinCEN Files: Unethical, Unreliable and Undermining.

Why the latest leak is misleading and actually damaging to global anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing efforts – by Simon Owen, TEP For a number of years now, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has sought to justify its existence through the publication of illegally obtained documents. There is no question that money […]

Jurisdiction Enhancement: The importance of Insurance Managers and value-added services.

For many years, the Cayman Islands has had continually battle against the misconception of their role in the international finance world as being one of banking secrecy and tax havens. The reality is actually very different, with Cayman being recognised by the OECD and other similar agencies as adopting a legislative and regulatory structure that […]